Worth 1,000 words…and every penny.

August 2, 2010

There is a reason the phrase “A picture is worth 1,000 words” came into being.  And in the PR and marketing world, there’s a twist on that old adage:  “A cool photo shoot is worth every penny.”

When Redpoint launched a Learning Vacations for Pets program at Loews Hotels, we dutifully wrote up the details in a compelling press release.  But you want to know what got the most attention from journalists?  This…

Journalists — and “regular people” — love arresting visuals.  If you’ve got fabulous news to share…don’t cut corners by skimping on the photo shoot.  You can maximize your spend by using the photos in other ways beyond PR…on your website, in email newsletters, on Facebook and other social media sites, and much more.

The cooler the photo, the more likely it will command the attention you seek.  So, when a visual will help tell your story better than words can, bite the bullet and spend the money.  People will remember it long after your words are forgotten.

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