Lining Up the Digital Chessboard for an Overhaul of PEI’s Finest Golf’s Online Marketing

golf course

What began as a singular question – “How do we make our Facebook pages better? – evolved into a solution that addressed the REAL need:  “How can we better engage with people online and get more golfers onto the courses?”

A stellar collection of some of Prince Edward Island’s top golf courses, PEI’s Finest Golf wanted to enhance their digital presence (in particular, social media).  But in order to accurately project the staffing and operational infrastructure needed to make it happen, the executives required a comprehensive assessment of their current digital engagement.

The PEI’s Finest team gave Redpoint the keys to the digital car, and we poked around thoroughly under the hood of their website, social media channels, email system and more.  The health of each individual channel was evaluated with an exhaustive audit, and a report interpreted the findings in plain English… relevant examples, easy-to-understand analytics, and turnkey opportunities that would pluck low-hanging fruit.

That’s what they asked for…and that’s what we gave them.  But wait!  There’s more!

To us, this report felt unfinished, like getting them to the green and then not sinking the putt.  So we took the report to the next level with several key recommendations for short- and long-term marketing changes, including:

  • The Gimmes: seven things they can do RIGHT NOW to instantly impact results, based on the current staffing and budget resources
  • The Lag Putts: a handful of strategic tactics to be unfolded slowly over a year’s time, which are necessary in order to position them for a major marketing overhaul in the future
  • The Green Jacket: a vision for their ideal marketing ecosystem, including both online and offline programs that drive engagement, awareness, and sales

We also included a suggested editorial calendar for social media and email campaigns to help ignite their first-year effort, and then we orchestrated a training session for the lead executive to ensure a smooth onboard process of the new concepts.