Redpoint is a boutique PR and marketing agency that specializes in tourism, travel, and hospitality.

We opened our doors on April 1, 2002 with a tiny 700 square foot office in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood and just one client.  Within three months, we outgrew that space…and then outgrew our space several more times over the years as our client portfolio expanded.  Currently our HQ sits in the Financial District, with views of the Hudson River, Battery Park, and stunning sunsets.  Visitors are always welcome. Clients love the deep, thoughtful attention we provide for the range of services we offer. They say it makes us feel like their in-house marketing department, with the added benefit of bringing an outside expertise and perspective to their challenges.  We love that sort of relationship.  It’s immensely satisfying and enables us to make a measurable difference to our clients’ bottom lines. Our spirit is entrepreneurial and we’re experts at shaping the way travel brands interact with consumers online, in person, and through the media.  Plus, our infrastructure allows us to work with clients of all sizes and budgets.  And while we serve clients all over the world – looking at you, Armenia, Singapore, and Monaco – we’re especially considered the industry’s leading authority on tourism marketing in New England and Atlantic Canada. Check out some of our favorite case studies to learn more about our work.  And then give us a holler if you want to chat further.