odd jobs

This sure ain’t no desk job.

In the pursuit of client results, the gang at Redpoint has been tasked with some pretty extraordinary – and often unconventional – duties. This suits us experience junkies just fine, as every new adventure adds to the imagination bank and ups our resourcefulness game. When you next see us, ask us about the time we…
Hired a band to play music with kitchen tools Amassed a group of sword swallowers Wore pajamas on the TODAY Show Competed in a lightsaber duel Learned to tie sailing knots under pressure Trained to perfectly chop an onion Studied canine nutrition Protected $10,000 worth of ice cream from melting Assembled a bike in less than 10 minutes Banded (fake) lobsters at a trade show Taught a workshop in a graveyard Mastered lavash baking in Armenia Almost mastered extreme jack o’lantern carving Nowhere-near mastered glass blowing (but valiantly tried) Dressed as Santa’s elves Choreographed dance routines Chased llama out of a yard Bottled and signed handcrafted vodka Tested 15 different types of coat hooks Took The Love Boat’s “Captain Stubing” to a Dollar Store in a limo Bugled for elk Served free steak to 200 people Found (and hired) a chef who cooks with insects Climbed an 800-year-old bell tower with an AP photographer Danced the Texas Two-Step in front of 1,000 people Won a haggling match over an antique saddlebag in Yerevan for a journalist Transformed a NYC loft into a country inn Tasted horseradish and herring flavored ice cream Imitated a running caribou to help a journalist get a photo Polished cars at a cruise conference