So…you want to work at Redpoint?  Take a spin through our website to learn more about our culture, our work, and our passions.  If you’re planning to spend your days with us – and let’s face it, the occasional night too (we’re in the travel industry, after all) – you should enjoy our company and feel good about our business philosophy.  Learn more about our leadership team and what it takes to be a Redpointer here.

We’re currently seeking like-minded people for these positions.  If you’re interested, hit us up at

  • Part-Time Administrative Assistant
    New York City

    About Redpoint

    Founded in 2002, we are a boutique PR & marketing agency that serves clients in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries.  Our culture is pretty relaxed, but still professional.  When it comes to the team, we place emphasis on learning, empathy, support, kindness, and growth through risk-taking.  That emphasis is probably why our historical staff turnover is so low…people enjoy working together here and they appreciate being treated like individual humans with different needs, growth patterns, and personal lives.  You won’t find any screamers, toxic individuals, or tense office politics here…we’re low-drama and the team is collectively committed to keeping it that way.  Our clients are pretty high-profile – such as Tourism Nova Scotia, the United States Tour Operators Association, Perillo Tours, and the luxury Brenton Hotel in Newport, RI – so the work we do is both challenging and satisfying.  Visit for a full client list and deeper look into who we are.

    Some helpful facts about our current situation:

    • Our HQ is in NYC but the whole staff is working remotely for the indefinite future.  Our office is available daily to those who wish to use it, and our entire team assembles there periodically for company-wide meetings.
    • For this particular role, we would like to find someone based in the NYC area or on Long Island, for ease of meetings with Redpoint’s owner as needed.
    • A COVID vaccine and boosters are required.  Though we’re not in the office, many of the destinations and other clients we serve require vaccinations for entry.  It’s important that all our staff can participate fully in the work and travel our clients may require, and therefore this is a company policy.
    • Though we’re all working remotely, we still work closely together as a team.  Expect to have lots of video meetings with Redpointers in your work.  If you have a pet, a child, or other family members living with you, chances are we’ll see them often.  We’re cool with that and we hope you are too.

    Your Role at Redpoint

    You’ll report directly to one of Redpoint’s owners, providing general assistance in the areas of operations, HR, and accounting.  This means liaising with the Redpoint team, vendors, partners, and others as various needs arise.  There is significant record keeping, reporting, and organization involved in this job, but it also occasionally requires creativity and independent thinking.  We are a company that likes to have fun and do enjoyable things for both our clients and staff, so a measure of positivity and joy accompanies everything we do.  This role definitely requires a positive, cheerful personality along with a resourceful, organized skill set.  You’re not expected to be perfect at everything… if we’re a great match, then the position will evolve around your strengths.

    Key Points for this Role

    • 10 to 15 hours per week, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 6pm.  Days/times within those anchors are flexible.
    • Starting salary is $20-22/hour (depending on prior experience) with a path for growth.
    • Laptop and other necessary computer equipment will be provided if needed.
    • Prior experience as an assistant in an office setting is required, whether general office, operations, executive, accounting, or HR.
    • Maturity, sound judgment, and discretion are essential.  While you’re assisting the owner with managing company operations, you’ll often interact with various audiences on her behalf and be privy to confidential information.
    • Ideally, the starting date is by mid-May.
    • Intermediate skill level in Excel is preferred, but if you only have a basic familiarity and are willing to learn (and have the aptitude for it), that’s cool too. We’ll get you trained.
    • Basic familiarity with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint is required.
    • Experience with accounts payable and/or Quickbooks is a huge plus.  Please mention this in your letter if you have such experience.
    • Every company says they want someone organized and detail-oriented…who wouldn’t?  But honesty, this role can’t afford to be performed by someone who isn’t.  Spreadsheets, deadlines, schedule management, paperwork filings, and more… you’ll be involved in all of it. Accuracy and timeliness are critical.
    • If you fear technology and hate learning new tech applications, this isn’t the role for you.  You’re not expected to be a tech guru or expert in any way.  But we use various types of software for our operations, and you’ll be expected to become competent in all of them and know how to harness all the features.
    • If we had to pick ONE character trait you should possess, it’s resourcefulness.  You may not have the answer to solve the problem, but you can figure out how to go find the answer to solve it.

    Major Activities – A Few Highlights of the Job

    • Assist with accounts payable and vendor/billing interaction.
    • Assist with maintaining company records, from subscriptions and memberships to tech renewals, government filings, administrative/operations manuals and more.
    • Produce monthly timesheet reports and manage our timesheet system needs.
    • Maintain all employee records and assist with HR paperwork filings to benefits providers as needed.
    • Assist with employee acquisition, onboarding, and orientation.
    • Assist with planning company meetings and retreats.
    • Assist with company projects as needed.  This could range from one-off things like downsizing our storage space, to ongoing things like arranging for fun gifts to be sent to staff and/or clients.
    • Assist with research as needed.

    How to Apply

    Please send your resume and a letter telling us why you’d be a good fit for this job, based on everything you’ve read in this job posting.  They can be emailed to Christina Miranda, the owner with whom you’d be working in this role, at  It’s true that some may consider email applications old fashioned, but we’re big fans of the personal approach. Chris would love to hear from you directly!


And fair warning:  no matter your position or office location at Redpoint, you should be prepared to do some odd jobs as part of the team.