Unlocking the Secret Desires of Meeting Planners for the Woodstock Inn & Resort

front entrance of woodstock inn and resort

The Woodstock Inn & Resort wanted to know what meeting planners were thinking about them.  And not just the good stuff… the entire truth… every last detail.  So they asked Redpoint to dig up some substantive feedback.

We planned a high-touch, tailored VIP focus group and FAM trip for an elite group of meeting planners at the resort.  In addition to experiencing several key amenities and offerings of the resort first hand, the group was shepherded from arrival to departure by a Redpoint host, who earned their trust and created a vibe conducive to candor.  During a guided feedback session – to which the resort executives were deliberately (with kindness) uninvited – we uncovered useful truths in several core areas:

  • Positioning and perception
  • Guest service and training
  • Marketing strategies and tactics
  • Customization
  • What meeting planners MOST need

What resulted from this hosted experience was a massive amount of disparate candid data and impressions.  But within a week, we had interpreted all the findings and translated it into a report with viable recommendations for short- and long-term plans that tied directly to the resort’s brand and business goals.

What we loved most about reviewing this report with the resort executives?  The number of times they were surprised by a piece of intelligence gathered…but then said “Ohhhhhhhh” when they realized how it was impacting their business.

How did this report help them?  They were just about to embark on a $10 million renovation plan, and the findings from this focus group helped strategically direct spending in ways that will significantly impact their bottom line.