custom training solutions

Our marketing roots and consulting experience make us wicked smart as trainers. For an internal training program to be successful, it must align naturally with an organization’s brand personality and business goals. And because Redpoint casts a strategic eye over a client’s entire business chessboard, any moves we make in training are designed to support the end game.

To create tailored training solutions and programs, we combine industry best practices with the strategies, tone, and distinctive elements that best match each client’s vibe and business. Our comprehensive knowledge of business operations within the travel, tourism, hospitality, culinary, and related lifestyle industries lets us quickly assess what an organization needs (and how to solve it) with no learning curve.

Here’s an overview of the types of custom training solutions we provide. You can also read a selection of training case studies here, and see some of our off-the-shelf workshops here.

Guest Service Program Development and Implementation
We create guidelines, standards, and practices that draw on your cultural DNA, and design programs that inspire your staff to embrace them as part of your overall HR strategies.

Sales Department Training
It’s shocking how often sales departments work in silos from the rest of the organization. We craft training programs that help the sales team become better integrated marketers, and keep their skills razor sharp with educational instruction for persuasive selling techniques, strategic RFP response and presentations, selling to Millennials, social media as a sales tool, and more.

Training for New Marketers/Marketing Departments
You’ve just internally promoted someone who’s green to take on marketing and/or social media, perhaps because you need it, and they’ve expressed an interest in it. Now what? We’ll teach them baseline skills needed to be most effective in their new role, and set achievable marketing goals with a realistic plan.

Best Practices Educational Missions
We plan and lead experiential immersion trips for up to 20 executives with hands-on learning opportunities anchored to a central theme, such as culinary tourism, resort operations, tourism innovation, adventure tourism, hospitality entrepreneurship, and more. Each mission goes behind-the-scenes at trailblazing organizations, and tailored workshops along the way help participants interpret and apply learnings to their own business.

Cultural Infusion of Social Media Awareness
It takes a village to guard a brand’s reputation on social media. But often, the social media team works in isolation and the rest of your staff – or tourism region professionals – either don’t help or get in the way. We rally stakeholders around a singular social media purpose, and give them the right level of tools and information they need to support your social efforts.

Presentation, Media, and Writing Training (group or individual)
Far from a one-shot deal, we craft immersion programs that help executives adopt new, successful habits in these critical leadership areas. Delivering persuasive presentations, engaging effectively with journalists, and writing with a strategic and results-oriented style are all essential to upholding a brand’s image, and we tailor these training programs to suit your brand’s style.

Leadership & Management Program Development and Implementation
You ask your leaders to shepherd the team, and they need a variety of critical skills to do this well. We design programs that include the necessary combination of time management, communication, conflict resolution, and general management/motivation techniques…all in ways that match your brand’s culture.