keynote addresses

Meeting and conference planners know this cold truth:  the post-speech attendee buzz about your keynote speaker can either make or break the whole event.  And with Redpoint, that buzz is guaranteed to be positive.

Agency Principal Christina Miranda energizes audiences of all sizes with humor, intelligence, and inspiration.  She collaborates in advance with meeting organizers to craft the ideal topic, researches the audience to ensure content is on point, and always slips in a fun surprise (or two).  Fair warning: she’s not the podium-and-stationary-mic type.  Give her a lav mic and let her roam…she’ll even hop off the stage and walk around the audience, delivering treats, hugs, and high-fives when warranted.

Redpoint keynotes are created from scratch, and tailored to the audiences of each conference.  Browse some of Chris’ recent keynote appearances below, and if you want her to sprinkle her magic fairy dust over your own meeting, you can inquire here. For inspiration on topics, see our training workshops, any of which can be transformed into an engaging, interactive keynote address.