We’re blushing…but we love it.

Redpoint puts our heart and soul into every single session we lead, so the love we feel from organizers and attendees afterwards is mutual.


    I would attend any session led by Redpoint.  I leave feeling warm, fuzzy, and smarter.

    I arrived contemplating an exit strategy, but you kept me in the room AND you won my full attention. Bravo!

    Every time you speak at our conference, we adore you even more…if you move here, we’ll buy you a farmhouse and several puppies!

    It gets harder and harder to hit a home run with this conference each year, but Redpoint is some damn slugger.
  • CRY

    Do you have an app I can click on when I want to cry for help to Redpoint and get an answer (and therapy)?
  • RUN

    The way you presented things was so inspiring, I wanted to run back to my office and implement everything immediately.
  • FEAT

    I sat still and paid attention for 7 straight riveting hours of learning.  That’s an amazing feat!

    There’s no good reason why a writing workshop should make me feel energized enough to run a marathon.  You’re amazing.

    Best seminar I’ve attended, unlike the usual “robot trying to teach other robots what humans like” workshop.