The brilliant branding move of Angry Birds.

December 14, 2011

Actions sure do speak louder than words.  And Teija Vesterbacka just proved it.

Teija’s husband Peter is the chief marketing officer of Rovio, the Finnish company that created the insanely addictive game Angry Birds.  Last week, the couple attended an event at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki to honor the country’s Independence Day.    Here’s what Teija wore:

Now…many media outlets have been crucifying – sometimes affectionately, sometimes cruelly – this “fashion nightmare” since the moment the photo was distributed.  Words used include hideous, ridiculous, the ultimate style sacrifice, and “no one else would be seen dead in this.” 

To all of these stinky-at-the-party journalists and bloggers, I say:  Damn, she sure got YOU.  Here you are wishing to shine the spotlight on what you consider to be her poor taste and yet…you’re shining the spotlight on her.  Do you honestly think she wore this gown because she thought it was high fashion couture or is trying to start a trend?  And had she worn a “normal” gown, would you have run her photo or written a single word about her attendance that night?  Doubt it.  So, basically…you played right into her hands, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that her husband is the chief marketing officer.  My little branding-and-PR-oriented heart is giving her a huge hug right now.

Think about it.  In a media interview, Teija could have said:

  • I love my husband and I am so proud of him
  • Finland takes such pride in the creation of Angry Birds that I can wear this dress to the Presidential Palace with honor
  • I am playful, and don’t take myself so seriously…just like the whimsy of the Angry Birds game
  • My husband doesn’t just “talk the talk” on brand integrity and marketing…as a family, we join forces to “live the brand”

And yet, if she had merely said all of this…who would have cared?  And who would have believed her?  Instead, she wore the dress and she didn’t have to say a word to get her point across.  Brilliant.  That she’s sporting a serious face…not grinning constantly like a mischievous idiot…only increases my respect for her in the branding department.   

Brava, Teija.  The branding enthusiasts of Redpoint think you’re the cat’s meow.  Can’t wait to see what you wear to the company picnic.

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