Why blog now?

July 22, 2010

Those who know me best know that I’m never at a loss for words, especially when it comes to marketing ideas and strategies.  So, why have I never chosen to blog before now?  In a word…time.

In amongst my daily priorities both personal and professional, sharing my thoughts with the world at large just never made it to the top of the triage pile.  My feeling was…who would listen?  And with my firm understanding that time is the only non-renewable resource, I thought…why spend time writing down thoughts that will simply get tossed to the wind?

But then something occurred to change my mind.  At the close of a recent industry workshop I taught (How to Spend Your Marketing Dollars Wisely) during one of Redpoint’s signature Marketing Boot Camps, someone from the audience asked if I had a blog.  When I said I did not, he answered, “Damn.  If you had a blog, I would read it every single day.”  And to my surprise and amusement, the rest of the audience all nodded their heads in enthusiastic agreement.

Well now…a built-in audience certainly propelled “maintain a blog” to the top of that triage list.  If people are eager to hear my thoughts…who am I to deny them?

So Jim…you may end up being the only one reading, but you asked for it and I am happy to oblige.  “The Voice of Reason in Marketing” is a home for marketing inspiration, tips, ideas, and sometimes a bit of humor.  I hope you find the posts entertaining and useful.

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