Writing tips…but not donuts.

April 13, 2011

So, after handing out donuts to all 300 people at the Vermont Travel Industry Conference during my keynote address yesterday, I feel as if I showed up to lead today’s writing workshop empty handed.

Happily, I had a handful of Redpoint signature chocolate mice and five copies of my favorite pocket Thesaurus to hand out to all people who actively participated in the dialogue…but it still didn’t feel like enough.

So…I promised the attendees I’d post some essential writing tips and tools here this afternoon.  (And if you weren’t there with us today, you can enjoy these with my compliments.)

Here are two PDFs to download:

Self-Editing Tips

Life Cycle of Drafting a Document

You can also check out some of my favorite writing tips that have been posted on our blog by clicking here.

These may not be as tasty and exciting as donuts, but they’ll be significantly more helpful when you are trying to craft a strategic document.

Though, I admit that a chocolate frosted donut (or 2…or 3) has helped me tackle a difficult writing project in the wee hours of the morning more than once.  So if these tips aren’t doing the trick, put them aside in favor of donuts and watch the creativity flow like frosting.

2 thoughts on “Writing tips…but not donuts.

  1. Chris – The fact is the donuts were memorable — and the mouse I just ate was delectable — but what you shared with us, your enthusiam, approachable nature, ideas and information would have made us “friends” anyway. Thank you so much for showing us all how to be more ourselves, while being certain to use the right words to get our message across.

  2. Chris, as I told everyone during your introduction on Tuesday, you always inspire me to try something novel and exciting; this week was no different. Your writing session energized me to revise our website room descriptions. Thank you for your inspiration and for the donuts.

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