You too can be clever and intelligent six times a day on Facebook.

March 22, 2011

Last week at Redpoint’s Marketing Boot Camp in Maine, a participant asked me how many times a day a hotel should be posting and interacting with its Facebook community.

My response?  “A lot depends on how large and active your fan base is, but certainly everyone in this room should strive to post interesting and engaging stuff at least six times a day.”

Audience response?  (Insert dramatic collective gasping sound here)

Then one brave participant raised her hand from the waaaaay back and voiced what was on everyone’s mind…

“With everything else I have to do at work, I’m just not sure I have it in me to be clever and intelligent six times a day on Facebook.”

After they all stopped laughing, everyone just looked at me expectantly…perhaps willing me to back down from that (to them) lofty goal with a fabulous display of group peer pressure.

But I’m a tough old marketer, and I held my ground.  After giving everyone a verbal valium about how and why this is important, I shared a few tips on how to make it easy to be cool, interesting, fun, timely, and engaging on Facebook…without struggling to create ideas from scratch all day long.  Sure, that’s easy to do when it’s your full time job, but most of us who manage our brands’ Facebook communities already have other full time jobs.  So we need a little help to keep us cool and groovy.

If you need this kind of help too, check out our Tip Sheet here.  Got a tip of your own to share with the community?  Post a comment here!

Oh…and, footnote:  I’ve been traveling extensively lately…weeks at a time.  So, when I got back to the office on Friday for the first time in what seemed ages, My Coffee Guys said “Miss!  Where you been?  We worry you are sick!”  Oh, it’s good to be loved.

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