Death to homophones.

August 5, 2010

If I get one more invitation offering a “sneak peak” at something, I might just cry.  It pains me to see such a blatant spelling error that clearly made it past several pairs of eyes – from copy drafter to client to printer! – without being caught.

Come back to junior high school with me for a moment.  Remember learning about homophones?…words that sound exactly alike, but are not necessarily spelled alike, and have distinctly different meanings?

They are the mortal enemy of spell check.

Peek/peak…their/there/they’re…bear/bare…pair/pare…faze/phase… and one of my faves that people always mix up… principle/principal.  There are hundreds of these pesky homophones in the English language, and the only way to  prevent them from hijacking your otherwise-perfectly-spell-checked writing is to know the difference and proof your work.

Here’s an extensive list you can use as a cheat sheet.

Now go fourth and get your words write.

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