Er, no…the CPA is NOT your tax guy.

August 13, 2010

Ever feel like you need a Rosetta Stone course in “online marketing speak?”

I’ve sat in meetings with internet marketing strategists on behalf of Redpoint clients, watching some of the acronyms and terms whiz by me (and everyone else) in conversation.  But then I see clients proceed to make desicions about how to spend their online marketing dollars…while not fully understanding how things like title tags or geo-targeting really work.

Happily, our friends at Search Engine Strategies magazine recently created a handy “cheat sheet” of terms and acronyms used by online marketers.  It’s attached here for your reference.  SES Glossary

Print it out.  Study up.  And make smarter decisions…or at the very least, ask better questions.

Feel free to scribble a few on the inside of your forearm before your next online marketing meeting.  I won’t tell.

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